The Temperance Hotel’s new live music series Thursday Up-Close defends low-key and intimate concerts


By Caitlin Hynes

The new concert series is your chance to familiarize yourself with a range of emerging and established acts.

Since its opening in 2009, Temperance Hotel held a place in the hearts of the Melburnians. It’s unmistakably familiar, cozy, and charming, which is the perfect recipe for any night of haunting.

Having served as the destination for cheeky boogie and great flow on Chapel Street for over a decade, Temperance is now delivering lo-fi entertainment with its new live music series, Thursday Up-Close.

Coming out of the compound eager for live music, the Temperance team brought Thursdays up close to provide punters with intimate performances in a relaxed atmosphere where you can dine and enjoy a drink.

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The series kicks off on May 27, these are the nominees for the Golden Guitar 2020, Darlinghurst. Arriving at # 1 on the Country HOT 50 Chart in March, Darlinghurst is a local sensation making waves in the United States.

The series will also feature The Badloves and Abbey Stone, as well as emerging artists including BB and Luc Joseph.

Resident DJ and Temperance producer Marcus Knight has seen the place grow more and more since joining the team 11 years ago and attributes its longevity to “a certain warmth, charm and agility”.

“Thursday Up-Close has been a new concept since it reopened in the post-lockdown era and we all think that means the future and optimism in general,” he says.

“The last concert before the lockdown after ten years was tough, watching emotional staff, security and other performers walk away with so much uncertainty and what a lockdown would mean for their respective lives.

“Coming out of isolation, the venue and I had a desire to support local artists in a lo-fi and intimate format where you can enjoy fantastic live music with your friends while dining or sipping a drink at the bar . “

The culmination of Knight’s creative vision and thirst for more, these new experiences at Temperance provide an opportunity to move forward and try something new.

“The audience’s initial appetite for entertainment was so phenomenal that it allowed us to try out additional new creative angles, which was fascinating,” he says.

With their debut album due out in August, Darlinghurst can’t wait to see the show.

“We’re excited to see live music coming back,” says singer Pagan Newman.

“Having the opportunity to perform in metropolitan Melbourne, which is stereotypically far from our usual country music environment, is really exciting. Our show on Temperance gives new listeners the chance to experience our music and harmonies, firsthand.

The sound of Darlinghurst is built on the foundations of personal experience and the soul.

“We are very strong in our way of thinking [in terms of our music]Newman says. “We are all fundamentally unique and true to ourselves. Our music is an extension of it. “

Following the release of their brand new single, “Unfaithful,” Darlinghurst fans can expect that same electric, enigmatic, ubiquitous energy on Thursdays up close.

“We bring a similar spectacle to every gig we do,” Newman says. “It’s acoustic, but we mix songs that are super dynamic, great country-soul ballads, and cruisy songs in between to help lower the heart rate.”

Thursdays up close debuts Thursday May 27 at 6 p.m. with Darlinghurst headlining and BB Music as medium.

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