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This year’s May Day Music Festival will take place on campus this Saturday, April 30, featuring live music, prizes, food trucks and more.

The University Program Council, or UPC, is gearing up to host its last big event of the semester. The Programming Board, made up of current SDSU students, plans a significant number of college events throughout the year.

The May Day Music Festival has become an annual tradition on campus since 2015. This year the event will be held on the Sylvan Green, adjacent to the Campanile. The event is being planned by Jacki DeYoung, the UPC Concerts Coordinator, and Anna Orr, the UPC Special Events Coordinator.

DeYoung oversees the programming of musical acts. She said she was thrilled that the event hosted a mix of different acts.

This year’s lineup includes Emmarie Kaiser, Lex Kuske, Grayson Dewolfe, Fox Royale, Alex Macgillivray and Stay Outside. The first two student-performers each have a 30-minute set. Then, starting at 5 p.m. and every hour on the hour, the last four acts will occur.

Alexa Kuske, currently a junior at SDSU and an avid participant in UPC events, is one of two student performers on the May Day Music Festival lineup. Kuske was the recent winner of Jack’s Got Talent, a fall UPC event that takes place during Hobo Week.

“It’s going to be the biggest concert I’m ever going to put on in a way, and it’s a huge honor,” Kuske said when asked what it meant to be a student performer for the festival. Kuske said his set will be “happy, upbeat music” with a mix of Indie, TV show songs, 2000s throwbacks and more.

Orr is primarily responsible for the non-musical part of the event, she said. Two food trucks, “Rub ‘N Tug BBQ”, which is a barbecue-style option, and “El Charrito”, a Mexican-style food option, will host the event.

UPC will distribute food vouchers to a number of students at the start of the event. After that, the food trucks will still be open for everyone to enjoy. Food stamps will be available at the main UPC table. This is also where students can show their Jacks ID for a chance to win prizes. The main prize this year is a Bluetooth speaker. In addition to winning prizes, students can receive free T-shirts and other gifts for participating.

DeYoung and Orr are in their first year as UPC members.

“I’m excited to have a bigger event on campus to kick off the spring season,” Orr said.

Although UPC has experience in planning many events, this year’s May Day Music Festival is the first time that it has organized the event alone, in partnership with KSDJ.

While waiting for inclement weather, the event will move to the lower level of the Students’ Union at Jack’s Place. The food trucks would then be moved to the Wagner lot just west of the Student Union.

Emma Brookman, the next UPC president, said she was also excited about the May Day Festival.

“I’m excited to have live music on campus and to have one last big event before the finals,” she said.

Although the May Day Festival is the last event of the year for UPC, it is not the only event that takes place on Saturdays. The Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Color Run kicks off Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Student Union.


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