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Here we are already in December – Thanksgiving weekend has passed and I’m already starting to feel the pressure of being late.

I proudly refuse to do much for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I bought a few freebies here and there – it usually starts with the fall festivals – but that’s it. I wrote that I felt like Thanksgiving had come so quickly this year due to the mild October weather, but in reality it was a little later in the calendar this year, so now it’s full speed ahead before Christmas.

I still had a great Thanksgiving. My big brother from Wisconsin picked me up and drove me home for the vacation weekend. With my back I can’t make the trip on my own and there just isn’t a good way to get from here to there. I tried to talk him out because I was afraid he would drive all this and a little alone, but my siblings decided that I had to be with my family this holiday season and since it has been a few years since I made the trip, I gave in.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at her significant other’s daughter’s house, then on Friday two of my three nieces came with the kids to visit and we went out for our traditional Friday after Thanksgiving fish fry. On Saturday my two close friends came to visit us and we had a four and a half hour party to catch up and on Sunday my niece and goddaughter stopped in for a quick visit. Since I didn’t have a Monday meeting to cover, we were able to leave that morning and avoid the crazy Sunday traffic.

I hope that the relaxing weekend spent with my family and friends has rejuvenated me because the reality that we are already in December has struck. The reality that I have tons of Christmas cards to send and buy and ship gifts to my son’s family in Arizona ASAP is here.

As I write this, I’m putting away my fall decor and getting rid of my outdoor pumpkins and moms. I was okay with that until I listened to the radio and the disc jockey kept asking callers if they were ‘all ready for Christmas’ and all three said they were.

I thought to myself, “Really? It’s December 1st and they have ALL of their decorations, shopping, card writing, wrappers and baking? REALLY?”

Hearing this the nervous butterflies started fluttering in my stomach and the busy bees started buzzing in my brain and I had to take a soothing breath and remind myself why I do everything I do – because I do. love it !

So many people have said to me, “I don’t do cards anymore” and I send a ton. I am sure that in December I am a big supporter of the Nouvelle Poste de Paris and it is getting stressful and costly. I send a lot to my family and friends and then compile a second full list of my regular Partylite hosts and customers.

But don’t we all love to receive a card in the mail? Don’t we like to read family news or see the children’s school photos? Don’t we love to see the pretty religious and secular artwork on the maps? I know I do.

So I will continue to send cards as long as I can. Before my accident, while I was working at the post office in Nappanee, a colleague and friend Sue said to me, “Oh, you are going to stop sending cards after working here during the peak holiday season and processing everything. this mail “.

No, I always send them! It was suggested that I start writing them earlier, but I can’t seem to do so until Thanksgiving. Others obviously don’t have my problems because I had already received four Christmas cards on December 1st.

I’ll probably still be working on my second list on Christmas Eve if history repeats itself, but hey; it’s the thought that counts, right? In addition, my church teaches that the 12 days of Christmas are the 12 days from Christmas Day to January 6 when the wise men would have arrived and not the 12 days before Christmas!

But I really want to calm busy bees and nervous butterflies and really enjoy those vacation chores like I do, like I used to, instead of sighing and thinking that I have “so much to do and so little.” of time ”.

Because I don’t need to write cards or plant a big tree (and two smaller ones). I do it because I want to. So if you’re like me, let’s make a pact to take full advantage of each holiday activity and take the time to prepare our hearts for the real reason for the season.

Denise fedorow is a columnist and correspondent for Goshen News. Readers can contact her at [email protected] Follow Denise on Twitter @DeniseFedorow

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