Tedeschi Trucks Band welcomes Tash Neal on evening 6 at the Beacon [Videos/Audio]


Tedeschi Truck Group returned to Flagship theater Friday night for the group’s sixth show from a seven-night residency in the historic venue.

Both sets were marked by a slew of blankets, Willie nelson and Blind Joe Reynolds To Bob dylan, The rolling stones, and the end John prine. There were two fixed, however, which saw the APC welcome the former leader of Souls of London, Tash Neal, to the stage.

The first set started with “Learn How to Love”, taken from the band’s debut album in 2011, Developer. Two more originals, “Let Me Get By” from 2016 and “I’m Gonna Be There” from 2019, followed before the twelve tracks offered the crowd a few covers; to know Bessie smith“Gin House Blues” and “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces” by Willie Nelson.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Someone picks up my tracks” – 10/08/21

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Going back to 2016 Let me pass album, Susan tedeschi led the group through “Laugh About It” before Derek Trucks‘a dazzling lead guitar lead them to “Outside Woman Blues” by Blind Joe Reynolds. A rendition of Susan Tedeschi’s original, “Just Won’t Burn”, highlighted by Tedeschi’s ever-bright vocals and Trucks’ silky slide guitar, followed by a final rendition of Billy Taylor‘s “I would like to know what it would be like to be free.”

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Just Won’t Burn” – 08/10/21

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Just as they opened the first set TTB started the second set with another Elevator title, “These Walls”, which saw Trucks appease the crowd with his acoustic guitar.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “These walls” – 10/8/21

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Then come some blankets; the recent cover of “Dear Doctor” by the Rolling Stones, “Lord Protect My Child” by Bob Dylan and Elmore James‘”Did someone wrong.” Elmore James’ cover saw a particularly gritty playing of Trucks, while the keyboardist Gabe Dixon traded voice rights with Tedeschi.

Tedeschi Truck Group – “Makes someone wrong” – 08/10/21

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Going through the second set, TTB went through another Developer track, “Simple Things”, before Let me pass“Just As Strange” and the title song from 2013 Decided. From there they went through another group of covers, “Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine and Neil young‘s “Helpless”, before inviting Tash Neal on stage for a shoot Elmore James‘”The sky is crying”.

Tedeschi Truck Group – “Simple Things” – 10/08/21

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The second set culminated in a spectacular conclusion with “I Want More”, which followed a cover of Santana‘s “Sacrifice of the Soul”. After a brief encore break, the twelve musicians banded together on stage for a final song, this time going through Tedeschi’s “The Feeling Music Brings”.

Listen to a full audio recording of Friday’s Tedeschi Trucks Band show at the Beacon Theater below via edtyre2.

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s 2021 Beacon Theater residency wraps up tonight, Saturday October 9, with another performance in two sets. For a full list of upcoming shows, visit here.

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Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | Beacon Theater | New York, NY | 08/10/21

First set: Learn to love, let me get by, I’ll be here, Gin House Blues, Someone picks up my tracks, laughs at it, Outside Woman Blues, Just Won’t Burn, I wish I know how it Feel free

Second series: these walls, dear doctor, the lord protects my child, hurts someone, simple things, just as strange, decided, angel of Montgomery> Helpless, the sky is crying (with Tash Neal), I want more> Soul Sacrifice

Still: The Feeling Music Brings

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