Southern Wing Company hosts first-ever karaoke night


The Southern Wing Company hosted its first event on its third floor on Tuesday night, where all types of Southern Miss college girls had the chance to sing their favorite songs.

Eagle Dining, the main operators of the Southern Wing Company, prepared and hosted their very first karaoke night. The invitation, posted on Eagle Dining’s official social media, called for the participation of all kinds of Southern Miss coeds.

“You don’t have to have a meal plan. You can be a commuter. You can live on campus, off campus. You can just come, ”said Lauren Brescher, Marketing Director for Eagle Dining.

The karaoke night was largely an experience for Eagle Dining, as they wanted to see how people would react to the possibility.

“We want to see how the engagement goes,” Brescher said. “It just depends on how the students are doing for them.”

And the students came in droves. A large crowd gathered to see several students singing the lyrics to their favorite hits. The third floor of the Southern Wing Company was filled to capacity. The result at the end of the event even surprised Brescher. Between songs, she told a student that participation could lead to an ongoing event.

Sophomore Raven Day and three other friends were among the crowd at the Southern Wing Company. Day hadn’t planned on exposing herself like she had.

“Honestly my friend kinda dragged me into it [performing]”said Day.

However, Day felt better about the halfway performance of the group’s interpretation of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor”.

“After we got on stage it turned out to be pretty fun, and having the crowd to get everyone excited was nice even though we didn’t know how to sing,” Day said.

However, not all of the students sang at the event. Most of the students attended the karaoke night only to watch or encourage the performers. Senior Andru Catchings sat front and center as the performers came and went on stage. He said he enjoyed the karaoke night experience overall.

“It was a lot of fun,” Catchings said, “and although I didn’t personally stand up to sing, it was a lot of fun singing with everyone.”

Catchings also heard about the possible extension of the karaoke night to a permanent event, and he was happy with the possibility.

“This is great news,” Catchings said. “If my schedule allows, I will definitely be there.

Along with the karaoke night, Brescher said that Eagle Dining plans to host many different events at the Southern Wing Company and in its backyard.

“On October 12th, we’re going to be playing the Ruby City Band here in the yard, so we’re just trying to do [some fun things] for students, ”Brescher said.

This event, like the Karaoke Night, would also be held on a Tuesday evening.

“We know Tuesday evenings there’s not much going on in the community, so we thought, ‘Okay, Tuesdays would be good for the students to have something to do,’” Brescher explained.

Although there was no official “winner” for the evening, as the event was not a competition, every student who came to the event walked away with a baseball t-shirt from the event. Southern Wing Company and a koozie.


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