Snake Eater Almost Featured Kojima Karaoke


Video game development is full of awesome things that never saw the light of day and one of those things happened with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Hideo Kojima is basically the video game mad scientist who’s responsible for some of the most amazing things in the industry, but also a sea of ​​quirks that are rooted in unbridled creativity. DidYouKnowGaming recently delved into the history of the fine line that is drawn between the creative genius and the raging madness behind the Metal Gear series as they unearthed some of the content cut from previous games, starting with the MGS original from the OG PlayStation era.

This particular game could have ended up as some sort of ode to rats as Kojima originally wanted Snake to befriend rodents and give them names, in addition to introducing more ways to signify their presence. While this part of the cut content was very interesting, it was actually what didn’t make it into MGS3: Snake Eater that piqued our interest the most.

Namely, Kojima’s creative ideas far exceeded the technology available at the time of the first two MGS games and he wanted to wait for the PlayStation 3 before releasing Snake Eater, but that wasn’t supposed to happen because Sony took too long. to deliver the new material. Eventually the team went to develop the game for PS2 and the result was that they had to cut many ideas and even cutscenes from the game.

One of the ideas included radio stations, some of which would impact gameplay. A station with good music that would improve Naked Snake’s stamina made it into the final game, but not one with terrible music with the opposite effect.

This station was supposed to feature a karaoke version of the Snake Eater theme, sung by members of the development team. Kojima noted that the team members would take turns slaying the song, but the reason that didn’t happen was that they “didn’t have room.”

The lack of space refers to the fact that the PS2 DVD could only hold about 5GB of data while the PS3 dual-layer disc would have allowed up to 50GB. As we mentioned earlier, the wait for six and a half years was too long for Kojima and now we will never hear from this masterpiece because it took Sony too long to upgrade to the next generation of hardware.


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