NOLAxNOLA, the country’s premier club music festival, starts October 7


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – It is said in the city of New Orleans that music is not a noun, it is a verb. And this is the one that people miss, especially musicians and those who bring them on stage.

“We were like, what can we do to save this? Said Branden Kempt, owner of Gasa Gasa Music Club. The past year and a half has been difficult for himself and countless others in the music industry with the pandemic underway and a major hurricane halting musical performances.

But now there is something to look forward to with the creation of NOLAxNOLA– the country’s first club music festival happening right here in New Orleans.

“We were so excited about these 2-3 weeks of paid-only shows. It feels like the realization of, you know, months of work, ”he said.

The NOLAxNOLA the event will help showcase acts big and small and keep clubs like Gasa Gasathe doors open.

“We had Big Freedia on this stage as you know it’s the right stage for all kinds of different things and different features,” Kempt said. “I felt so grateful for this concept because we were able to keep all of our reservations and we have 20 consecutive days of paid shows.”

A coalition of venues and musicians unite in this effort, something that was born after the cancellation of Jazz festival and French Quarter Party, to help each other stay afloat.

Now in October, the bearers of New Orleans culture say they are making a comeback. Over 200 shows are scheduled over a two-week period in 35 concert halls across the city.

Following: NOLAxNOLA to present more than 170 acts in 20 concert halls to fill the void of the canceled Jazz Fest

“How were we going to save the music? How were we going to continue the music shows? said J. Stephen Perry, President and CEO of New Orleans & Company, which partners with concert halls and musicians and promotes the event. “No one has been more damaged than musicians and club owners.”

Club owners love Tipitina Stanton Moore, who is also the group’s drummer Galactic.

“It’s good for people’s souls to go out and have that exchange of joy that is live music and have it play in front of you, and then put that energy back into the musicians. There is no such thing, ”Moore said.

They are ready to play – they have been ready – and it all starts this week on Thursday October 7th.

“I think people really miss this and now we can hopefully come back to it and really share this with everyone,” he said.

NOLAxNOLA is the revival that many musicians and club owners have been waiting for. The hope is that the series will continue for years to come, even after the major spring and fall festivals return.

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