My nickname was given to me by a Reverend Father – Commissioner DJ Wysei


Rapidly rising Disk Jockey, Iwuagwu Patricia, known as Commissioner DJ Wysei, stunned many of her fans when she revealed she was confirmed dead for hours after falling from a two-story building. floors a few years ago.

The young DJ who shared her story via her Instagram page received numerous comments from fans.

Speaking of his ordeal to SCOOP ON SUNDAY, Commissioner DJ Wysei said, “The story I shared on my IG page is an appreciation of life. A day you will always remember. On September 22, the balcony of a two-story building collapsed, my friend named Chisom passed away and I was able to cope. I remember and appreciate God every year, just like my birthday. It was an appreciation of life, I didn’t know it would be shared so much. But I thank God that what the doctor said was not true, although I still feel little pain in my body today, I am thankful that my life is a testimony.

The talented DJ whose style made her dear to fans also said that her nickname was given to her by a Reverend Father who was her principal in high school.

She said, “Wysei was given to me by a Reverend Father who was my high school principal. He said I was too wise like I was at my age then. So it became my nickname at school. I left school and wanted to add more ‘swag’ to the name after performing in a live group session. I felt like a DJ. Had to add DJ to Wysei. So basically DJ Wysei was my nickname before I finally became a DJ. After I became a real DJ, people started calling me a little DJ because of my age, gender, and stature. I was not happy with it. I knew I was quite young. Afterwards, a friend of mine saw me and said “you just dressed like a commissioner”. I picked it up immediately and added Commissioner DJ Wysei to my name. I said to myself, from now on people will respect me. I took the combinations seriously and protected the name legally.

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Speaking about the sacrifices she had to make for her career, she added, “I controlled myself by peer pressure and used it to train and practice every day. There are so many times that I deprive myself of going out and having fun with friends and even family reunions. It’s just to learn Disc Jockey skills at that time. My friends sometimes say I’m boring because I’m always in my studio rehearsing just to become a better version of myself.

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