‘I never dance, I’m afraid it’s too good’: Jamali Maddix’s honest playlist | Music


The song that’s my favorite karaoke

I only did karaoke once. I was in America, in the middle of nowhere, filming a TV show and staying in a really bad hotel, which had karaoke. I did Sweet Home Alabama, but I only know crochet, so after that it was just mumbling. They loved it, though! It’s weird to see a tall dark-haired British man singing Sweet Home Alabama in the middle of Oklahoma.

The song that I streamed the most

It’s by Westside Gunn, Freddie Gibbs and Roc Marciano and it’s called $ 500 Ounces. I eliminate it several times a day! It’s gangsta rap, which then says, “Okay, now that we have accumulated this wealth, how can we invest it?” This is the atmosphere that I like. This is how I know I’m older now.

The best song to play at a party

Candy by Cameo. I’ve never been to a party where they played that, and like 40 people didn’t jump in to dance. I can’t do it, however. I hate dancing – I always have. Maybe if I’m alone and really feel the music, I’ll nod or stomp my foot. But I would never dance. I’m afraid he’s too good-looking.

The song I wanna play at my funeral

I have thought about it too much. If I want it to be a little uplifting, I would go for Big Pun’s It’s So Hard, with Donell Jones. But if I want people to cry and say, “Oh shit, he’s dead! I could choose the classic Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song, The Crossroads. That or bring down the whole funeral and put Johnny Cash’s Hurt on.

The song that I pretend to hate that I secretly love

Rick Astley, I will never give up on you. I love this song – I just think this hook is awesome – but I hate to admit it. I grew up with Napster [the music file-sharing platform] and the song hurt me so much when I was a kid. So many times you would open your download and it would be a Rickroll.

The song that I tell people is my favorite

[MF Doom alter ego] Viktor Vaughn’s song Can I Watch? I think it’s one of the greatest love songs of all time. The story is, everything turns out fine and then, right before they do the deed, he says the wrong thing and messes it up. That’s such an honest description of 18 year olds in love, when you’re young, stupid and saying the wrong thing. There is something about it that I find quite beautiful.

The song that is my favorite

Scouting for Girls: It’s not a love song. I love this song – it’s a banger! I love crochet, I love him saying goodbye to me, I love the track “Ooowwwweeeooo”. I keep my love for it low-key, though. I’m open-minded about my music but there are limits, man.

Jamali Maddix appears on Never Mind the Buzzcocks on Sky Max and now.

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