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With the opening of many offices and businesses and the drop in temperatures, there is a renewed need for safe indoor relaxation areas. Here are a few places in and around Bushwick with additional COVID-19 protections to keep you safe and warm.

Pool Cub Sharks

The Sharks Pool Club in Bushwick has a seating area as well as a skylight and greenery.

With multiple locations across town, Sharks Pool Cub is a private pool club where you can play a game solo, with friends, bring a date, or even take lessons from the pros. Reserve tables at an hourly rate through the Shark’s Pool Club app.

Each room is equipped with a pool table, cues and chalk, a bluetooth speaker to play your favorite tunes as well as comfortable seating, a mini-fridge, and a private bathroom.

Security measures against COVID-19 include contactless entry via an app that opens the door to the venue at the time of your reservation and a limited number of people on site. Essential disinfection products are provided for customers to wipe down the table and signals.

Price and capacity vary by location. Bushwick’s location, Skylight Room, costs $ 36 an hour for a group of up to four people. Add more guests for an additional fee.

The Sharks Pool Club’s Skylight Room location is located at 99 Scott Ave.

Social indices

Billiards table in an art-filled industrial space at the Social Cues BSA site in East Williamsburg.

Social Cues is a private New York-based lounge that has locations across the city offering billiards, karaoke, darts, a big screen TV, bluetooth speaker, and a photo booth, among other things. It’s BYOB / F, so be sure to pack your favorite snacks and drinks. The decoration of the walls of its location in East Williamsburg, BSA, are vibrant works created by local artists.

COVID-19 precautions in place include portable air purifiers for each space, a disinfection station, and disposable microphone covers for karaoke.

Book online at an hourly rate through the Social Cues site. Reservations must be made by persons 21 years of age and over. Rates are $ 60 per hour Monday through Wednesday and $ 80 per hour Thursday through Sunday. The East Williamsburg location can be booked hourly with a capacity of up to eight people per group.

The Social Cues BSA is located at 35 Meadow Street.


Transmitter presents “A Discourse of Accord,” a group exhibition featuring works by Daqi Fanq, Daonne Huff, Karolina Majewska and Leila Seyedzadeh through September 19.

A space promoting racial and social justice through a collective of artists and curators, the Transmitter Art Gallery is a safe place for those who fancy entering a local art institution with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. increased.

Issuer requires staff and guests to be masked at all times, only one group of visitors with a maximum of four guests is allowed to enter the gallery at a time and if a visitor arrives while the previous group is still enjoying the gallery, he will be politely asked to wait outside until the current group has left. All high contact surfaces are sanitized between guests, hand sanitizer is readily available in the gallery, and visitors are required to complete a COVID-19 waiver and contact form.

The station is open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays at 1329 Willoughby Ave. 2A at Bushwick.

Centerpoint Ceramics

Learn a new skill at Centerpoint Ceramics through one of their many workshops.

If you want to get your hands dirty (safe), visit Centerpoint Ceramics, a community-driven, membership-based pottery studio located in Bushwick.

Centerpoint offers one-on-one or small-group instructional workshops for pottery enthusiasts at beginner and intermediate skill levels. Other workshops include eight-week courses run one evening per week with a maximum of ten students, one-off workshops with one to six people, individual and couple wheeling lessons, and free time in the studio for those with experience. prior. The price is based on the type of workshop chosen and the number of people participating in the class.

The following COVID-19 protocols are currently in place at the studio: visitors must wear face masks at all times, guests must be given a temperature check and complete a contact tracing form upon entering the studio. Studio owner Jennifer Urbanowski says, “Hand sanitizer and wipes are provided throughout the space. For members, there is an online signature sheet for the six different studio spaces to ensure everyone is socially distanced. “

Centerpoint Ceramics is located at 355 Stockholm St.


Get the hands-on experience of creating your own flower arrangement at Stems for the upcoming holiday season.

Flower arranging, another practical and socially remote activity, can be booked at Stems, an eco-friendly florist located in Bushwick.

The 60-minute flower arrangement workshop is taught by designer Shannon Cowan. Students will be provided with all the tools and flowers needed to create a unique seasonal arrangement.

Learn the basics of floral design, flower care, design principles and color theory, plus tips and tricks for independently arranging flowers. Tickets are available for $ 95 per person, which includes the cost of materials. Private workshops are also available with a minimum of five people and cost $ 95 per person plus an instructor fee of $ 150.

Stems requires all staff and guests to wear face masks, sanitize between guests, provide hand sanitizer in the space, and offer breakout instructions to allow for increased social distance between guests.

Stems is located at 96 Knickerbocker Ave. # 109.

Top photo courtesy of Social Cues. All other images are courtesy of the corresponding companies.

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