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It has been a long time since, as President, we saved the galaxy from an intergalactic threat in Saints Row IV. If I had to describe the franchise in a few words, I would say it has always been an exercise in escalation. Time and time again, this would increase the absurdity and take us to places you wouldn’t expect from a series whose humble beginnings hinged on a small gang startup.

In an effort to reduce the silliness, while also giving the series a whole new start, Volition has taken Saints Row back to its roots in street crime. It’s obviously a reboot, which was teased by Geoff Keighley last week.

We were fortunate enough to have the game brought to you by the Volition team, so here’s everything you need to know about the Saints Row reboot.


Saints Row is slated for release on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.


Yes. Saints Row is a reboot and a fresh start for the series.

Plus, unlike other games in the series, you’ll be a founding member of the Saints and be able to build the empire from scratch.


Saints Row takes place in the city of Santo Ileso, which Google tells me translates from Spanish to English as “saint unharmed”. A costs, but useless, made for you.

Santo Ileso draws heavily on Southwestern America and is one of the biggest cities Volition has gathered for a title in Saints Row. It looks like both Arizona and Nevada, with all the decorative splendor of New Mexico.

The map is divided into nine districts, which are:

  • Edge of the lake
  • Mount Vista
  • Marina del Lago
  • Old City
  • Sanatorium apartments
  • Eldorado
  • Marlet
  • Foundryville
  • Rancho Providencia

They each have their own unique atmosphere, theme and inhabitants. El Dorado, for example, has a true Las Vegas Strip vibe with neon overhead beckoning all kinds of “until nothing good.” Monte Vista, on the other hand, has a Hollywood Hills aesthetic where if you throw a rock you’ll hit a backyard with a pool, it really is a playground for the rich and powerful.


As a reboot, Volition took the opportunity to push things forward a bit. Of course, the intergalactic struggle for humanity was a lot of fun and ironic, but it quickly gave up on what Saints Row was In regards to.

Saints Row is taking things back to the streets, bringing back a heavy focus on street crime and all the grain that comes with this territory. It’s certainly a downgrade from the Oval Office, but we’re sure the tone of the game will benefit from the homecoming. Having said that, it is always Saints Row.

Saints Street


If there are concerns that this is more entrenched, the return to urban crime could mean that brand-border madness could be thrown in with the bathwater, putting those fears to bed. Saints Row will see a return to all the crazy shit that’s so integral to the series.

Bouncing off cars like it’s Meet Joe Black is always a thing thanks to insurance fraud, and the fender suits are also coming back as you can dive from the high skyline of the shopping district.

On the scale of Grand Theft Auto and saving the galaxy from aliens, this Saints Row seems to land comfortably in the middle.


You read correctly. There won’t be any phallic power-ups this time around, we’re leaving that filth behind.

Saints Row is unbalanced but not this imbalance. There are still countless crazy weapons you can get your hands on in the game.


The game focuses on four friends, most of whom are renegades from the city’s factions, who aspire to get out of their daily rut, rise up and build a criminal empire.

It seems like it’s a shameless power fantasy for a bunch of people who have been told they can’t. And so the Saints will.


The goal of Saints Row is to build your criminal empire from the ground floor. Criminal Ventures is this game’s version of criminal operations that allows the Saints to place seemingly legitimate fronts all over Santo Ileso.

As new fields come under your control, more and more career paths are available to you. Once the territory is freed, vacant lots begin to appear and it is entirely up to you to decide what is built there and what type of land. totally legitimate business you miss.

Each of these rackets brings new playing possibilities, and it’s up to you what to take out of Saints Row. You might just be riding around in your fast food truck acting like a drug mule, or maybe you will deal with protection, car theft, arms trafficking.

There are countless ways to walk the streets in the name of the saints.

Saints Street


It should go without saying that you are the head of this start-up gang known as the Saints.

And when I say you, I mean whatever “you” you envision. The game’s slogan is “homemade” for a reason. Saints Row has always had a robust, multi-layered customization system for character creation and nothing has changed here.

It’s worth mentioning that there won’t be any constraints, like locking out voice options, when it comes to character customization when it comes to gender / identity.


Building a criminal empire is hard work, it cannot be done alone. Your team at Saints Row is certainly an eclectic bunch, although their motivations and stories seem a bit more thoughtful than in previous iterations.

Eli is the team planner and has an MBA. He arrived in Santo Ileso to act like one of those bumps on Shark Tank and invest his way to a fortune. He didn’t know he would invest his capital and his time in a little street gang called the Saints.

Having spent her formative years in her parents’ garage developing an adoration for cars, it makes sense that Neenah would be the team’s driver. She also has a love for art and history, but when she was turned down for a job at the city museum, she took on the role of mechanic for one of the city’s gangs.

Finally, there is Kevin. He’s not wearing a shirt, and that’s okay because your boy has washboard abs. He’s a disc jockey at night, but he’s fun for people always and, by founding a family among the Saints, he learns that there is nothing he would not do for his friends.

Saints Street


In addition to your Saints, the streets of Santo Ileso have three warring factions for some control of the territory.

Los Panteros are the hardened natives of the streets and the original Santo Ileso criminal enterprise. They lean towards the hammer approach, with their preference for melee and heavy weapons leaving no room for subtlety.

“Everywhere there is money, there is Marshall. As a well-funded private militia, Marshall Defense Industries is far more advanced than its rivals. With the latest high-tech equipment, they practically run the shopping district.

Finally, there are the idols. These headstrong anarchists are driven by fame and notoriety and see themselves as icons of the new world order. Their approach to war is overwhelming and their aesthetic is too stimulating, as they look like they’re on their way to a Daft Punk performance.


Although it looks like a true reimagined version of Saints Row, Volition is not keen on handing it over to “next-gen” consoles.

Some might see this as bad news, as there is the perception that developing with older technology in mind can cripple the experience. But with an install base of over one hundred million, the idea of ​​ditching the last-gen consoles probably never crossed Volition’s mind.

Restarting Saints Row


At this point, it doesn’t look like Volition has an answer for the juggernaut that is GTA Online. But I would also say they don’t care.

They are quickly moving away from that brand and are more than happy to lean heavily on the crazy, sandbox experience that Saints Row has to offer. It is not known if they are delaying a big online reveal to a later date.


While the team was hesitant to go into details of what the cooperation would mean for Saints Row, they have confirmed that it does exist in one form or another.

Four-player co-op makes sense to me, given the makeup of the squad, but we’ll have to wait and see. They confirmed that you would be able to joke your crew, although we also don’t know what that means.


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