Eiffage: – A completely redesigned exhibition center for the City of Reims


At October 1, 2018, Eiffage Concessions has signed a commitment with the City of Reims for more than 25 years. The Public Service Delegation contract covered the financing, design, construction, commercial operation and maintenance of 3 buildings in Reims: the Palais des Congrès, the Salle des Grands Events and the Parc des Expositions.

A total investment of more than 75 million euros, including 3.7 million euros of equity invested by Eiffage.

For this Exhibition Center dating from 1987, Eiffage and the architect Christophe ballan, in partnership with Reims Events, wished to raise it to the level of the largest French exhibition halls by making it evolve into a modern, comfortable and sustainable tool.

This impressive modernization, led by the teams of Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Route, began in summer 2019 with the construction of a new 6,700 m2 Hall followed by the in-depth renovation of the old 4,200 m2 Hall 1, bringing the total area of ​​the Park to 23,000 m2 .

Fully requalified facilities that respect a sustainable environment.

The new hall 2, modular and naturally lit, offers the possibility of organizing two lounges simultaneously thanks to the movable wall to create two spaces of 3,400 m2. Composed of 50 panels each weighing more than 500 kg, it provides sound attenuation of 40 decibels.

Hall 1 has been completely rehabilitated with reinforcement of the framework, increased thermal insulation, better acoustic comfort and completely new lighting (70 LED spots). Between these two halls, a glazed pavilion of 800 m2 welcomes visitors and opens onto a patio with trees, bringing light and nature to the Park.

Some key figures :

10,380 hours of social integration – In operation 5% of the volume of working hours is reserved for integration

Approximately 12 million euros of works entrusted to SMEs, most of which are regional 6,000 m2 of green spaces created allowing infiltration on the plot

At the start of 2021, the Reims Event teams took over operations for the next 25 years. The first exhibition ‘Les Belles Champenoises’ was organized at June 2021.

As the contracting authority for this operation, Eiffage Concessions deployed all of its skills in terms of project management and project coordination, while mobilizing the expertise capital acquired on the Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille.

Eiffage Concessions thus wished to create a very structuring tool for the Reims region over the very long term.

Eiffage Services, the multitechnical company of Eiffage Concessions, has been supporting Reims Events since 2019 on the 3 projects of this public service delegation. Present from the first design sketches, the Eiffage Services teams have put their know-how at the service of guaranteeing optimum maintainability, durability and reliability for at least 25 years.


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