12 COVID-era box office flops that deserve another chance

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Although slightly below the projections, No time to die‘s opening weekend of box office receipts in the we-to come on the heels of Venom: let there be carnagethe positively pre-pandemic $ 90 million weekend—to suggest people are indeed more comfortable with back to film theaters (whether this is a good idea or not, it probably depends on where you live and how many hits you have received). Great news for studios and movie chains, yeah—and also for ticket buyers who miss the big screen experience.

The death of movie theaters has long been prophesied, and the exact shape of the post-COVID movie experience (if we are ever afraid to make it) stay foggy. AAt this point, however, it looks a lot like what it always has been, though more and more shorter windows between theatrical debuts and home streaming / rental are now probably a reality. Bfat office beef–the main way to assess the success of a film for over a century—may no longer define what is a hit and what is a flop, as streamers can now brag premium rental fees and increased the number of subscribers.

Slow recovery and new business models aside, tThe impact of the pandemic on the global box office has been deep. And, look, we’ve had bigger things to worry about, but ssome movies that could have been box office contenders I never had a shot – these are Well films that we could have seen in the cinema if we hadn’t been cleverly avoid snuggling in confined and overcrowded spaces. Tthese 12 movies received exclusively theatrical releases at some point during the pandemic, without simultaneous streaming option (although in in some cases the window between theater and on-demand was as short as a few weeks).

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