Trivia Shows

We host Trivia Shows around the Seattle area.  Our show is filled with 80 questions covering geography, sports, pop culture, history, tunes and celebrities.   For an hour and half, we will cover rounds with A little something something,  audio mix bag, can you beat me and name that celebrity that are light but challenging.   A cash prize, coupons and a trophy goes to the winning team of evening.

With the economy on a downswing, many restaurants and bars are looking for additional cost effective ways to drive customers to their location. Our Trivia Game produces results. We have spent the past year “fine tuning” our game to have maximum impact for our customers. The Trivia Show runs two hours. We start off by getting teams signed up with funny video images on your TV’s (10 mins). We then start the game and there are 4 rounds, with 20 questions in each round (40 mins). We will then grade the teams while the funny videos are playing for the bar to enjoy (20-40 mins). We then come back and go through the answers and award the wining team it’s trophy and prize (15 mins)

We recommend hiring professional entertainers to host LIVE trivia shows.

We have an opening for Monday and Thursday night for hosting Trivia.