10 Questions To Ask DJ

10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Seattle Disc Jockey!10questions

1. Does he/she over-book events and hire sub-contractors?• Will they be the disc jockey who performs your even

• Are they willing to guarantee this by stating so in the contract?
• Will they offer a full refund if they can’t perform at your event?

After taking the time to carefully select a DJ company, don’t leave the decision up to the company, YOU CHOOSE.  Know

who your DJ is when you pay your deposit.

2. Does the person own the business, or is being a DJ just a part-time hobby?

• Can they meet with you at your convenience, even if it is during the day?
• Do they return your calls promptly?

Your time is valuable. Make sure the people you hire are willing to work with your schedule, and care for your special needs.

3. Will they meet with you in person to help you plan your reception?

• Are they willing to meet with you, at an office?  Your Home?
• Will they take the time to meet with you more than once or twice, if needed?
• Will they help you plan your reception, taking care that it is exactly what you want?

Having the flexibility to change your mind, as a customer, is an important option that we offer. We encourage party planners to be completely honest about what their expectations of our company are. How many companies can truly say that?

4. What will they do at your reception that makes their service unique?

• Do they have a list of creative ideas for customizing your reception?
• Will they keep your guests’ attention where it belongs–on you?
• Will they incorporate your ideas with the personality and style you desire?

The entertainment industry is a competitive trade. We want you to ask for our services again and again, and are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to secure repeat business!

5. Are they willing to coordinate your entire reception for you?

• Do they collaborate with you to create a checklist that ensures your reception will flow smoothly?
• Are they willing to work with other vendors you will use for the event, and keep them informed?
• Will they get your permission before making changes to your reception plan?

A company hired to serve you and your guests must be willing to partner themselves with the other service personnel employed for the evening, without ruffling feathers, or being demanding.

6. Will their attire be appropriate for your reception?

• Do they wear a full tuxedo outfit, including a tuxedo jacket?
• Are they willing to dress appropriately if you have a special theme?
• Can they verify their appearance using photos from similar, previous events?

We can, will, and do.

7. Do they have company standards to govern their own behavior?

• Can they provide you with a list of company standards?
• If so, do these standards meet your expectations?
• Can they provide references that will confirm their adherence to these standards?

We can and we will.


8. Are there likely to be any “hidden charges?”

• Do they charge extra for basic equipment, such as a cordless microphone  or additional speakers, when you need them?
• Are there additional charges for preliminary planning meetings, set up and  tear down, or travel time?
• Will they buy any additional music needed for your reception?

Our first concern is your complete satisfaction with everything we do, no matter what it takes.

9. Do they have a wide base of entertainment experience to draw from?

• What is their entertainment background?
• What are they currently doing to improve their entertainment skills?
• Is their entertainment experience limited to just DJ work?

Gary McCord of Emcee Entertainment is the founding Member of the Puget Sound American Disc Jockey Association (PSADJA.com), and has an impressive resume, including: Disc Jockey Since 1980 in the Northwest at more than:

* 150 Wedding Ceremonies
* 975 Wedding Receptions
* 110 Corporate Events
* 125 Birthdays and Anniversary Parties

10. Do they have the proper skills to deliver announcements that are clear and direct?

• Do they have any public speaking experience?
• Are their announcements direct and to the point?
• And finally, does your prospective disc jockey understand the importance of his/her job and that he/she has the ability to make or break your reception?
• Do they realize how precious your one and only wedding day is to you?

Emcee Entertainment believes that its disc jockeys and emcees are the best in the business. We stake our reputation on this fact, in the sincere hope that you will consider choosing us for every single event you plan in your future!

We hope you think of us!
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Every Occasion!
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