Showcase of the Month – The Plateau Club in Sammamish

This month’s Showcase is for The Plateau Club on the Sammamish Plateau.   The Club is a hidden gem on the plateau making it somewhat available but quietly going about offering the best on eastside venues have to offer.

The food and beverage manager Kipp Johnson is a wonderful host for events at the Club.   His attention to detail and ability to calmly check in to make sure everything is going great seems to come natural for him.    Holly Martinez the event coordinator is a perfect teammate for Kipp as she make sure everything is scheduled properly and details taken care of properly.

Plateau Party

Plateau Party

Michael & Jessica’s Wedding at Home & The Plateau Club

July 11, 2009 Michael and Jessica were married at her parents home on the lake and their reception was held at The Plateau Club in Sammamish.  Their Wedding setting was the back yard overlooking the lake on a beautiful day.     Following the departure of the bride and groom on a boat, guests were invited to Plateau Club for their celebration.   I always enjoying working with Kipp Johnson and Holly Martinez at club as their compliment each other as they pull off some of the most wonderful receptions.   The club seems to be a hidden gem on the plateau for receptions.

The Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding on the 4th of July, WOW!

Music at the Wedding

Music at the Wedding


I celebrated Independence Day with Julie and Jed on their Wedding Day while enjoying the sights and sounds of the fireworks around the Seattle.   We were able to see fireworks in Renton, Bellevue and Seattle from the top of Newcastle.   The Golf Club at Newcastle always provides one the most enjoyable views of the area.   Michelle Moore, the photographer will have great photos for the evening.

Dominic & Carmen’s Wedding Reception May 24 at Herban Feast at SODO Park

Dominic and Carmen celebrated their Wedding Day at the Herban Feast at SODO Park.   Her family immigrated from Croatia and they know how to celebrate and dance.   The Reception for 250 guests lasted an 8 full hours with over 4 hours of dancing.   Croatians know how to celebrate and it was one of the best parties, I have ever been part of.   During dinner, one of the guests required medical attention.  The room had several doctors including the bride, an M.D. herself  so the guest had plenty of help,  an ambulance was called and he was transported to the hospital and the party continued on in his absence.

Herban Feast is an old building (1907), with all the charm left by it’s exposed beams, high ceilings, old pipes and rigging, and the orginal paint allowing it to retain the mature, rustic charm of the building that will hold 300+ guests for an event.   Reese Rowe will assist you in putting your event together and Dana Grandpre who was the  event lead was wonderful.090524-cake-wedding-reception-013

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Jeff & Kim’s Wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club

Kim and Jeff have great personalities!    This was a traditional, classy and relaxed Wedding.    The Seattle Tennis Club was a perfect setting on a beautiful January day for a couple deserving of it on their Wedding Day.        The Wedding was just right for a short and but fitting Ceremony.   Following in the foyer was a cocktail party with Kim and Jeff coming down the staircase with their grand entrance.   The STC staff turned the ceremony room into a formal dining area for their guests in less than 30 minutes (Wow, great job).   Their photographer Carol Harrold was there until the very end of the party, which is always great.   Please take a moment to check out her wonderful photos of Jeff and Kim.


17 of 25 guests til the end

I performed for a company celebrating 30 years in commercial real estate business in Seattle area as the disc jockey.   The company has about 20 employees with about 12 attending with their spouses.   The party started off at 5:30 pm with a cocktail hour in a fairly large room, a sit down dinner followed the cocktail hour and then dancing began.   The age demographic was 40 – 65 years of age.  Dancing started at about 8:00 and ended at 11:00 pm.   Seventeen guests out of 25 were still dancing 3 hours later.    I stopped to think why they had danced so long, what had kept their interest through out the evening and why so many stayed the entire time.    The conclusion I came up with was they found music that they could relate to, tempos that kept the evening exciting and someone that read what they wanted as the evening progressed.

This was a fun evening that genuine people sharing with one another freely and because the evening delivered what they were expecting it to.

Gary McCord

Emcee Entertainment