Dominic & Carmen’s Wedding Reception May 24 at Herban Feast at SODO Park

Dominic and Carmen celebrated their Wedding Day at the Herban Feast at SODO Park.   Her family immigrated from Croatia and they know how to celebrate and dance.   The Reception for 250 guests lasted an 8 full hours with over 4 hours of dancing.   Croatians know how to celebrate and it was one of the best parties, I have ever been part of.   During dinner, one of the guests required medical attention.  The room had several doctors including the bride, an M.D. herself  so the guest had plenty of help,  an ambulance was called and he was transported to the hospital and the party continued on in his absence.

Herban Feast is an old building (1907), with all the charm left by it’s exposed beams, high ceilings, old pipes and rigging, and the orginal paint allowing it to retain the mature, rustic charm of the building that will hold 300+ guests for an event.   Reese Rowe will assist you in putting your event together and Dana Grandpre who was the  event lead was wonderful.090524-cake-wedding-reception-013

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