Joey and Tammy’s Wedding Reception at the Fairmont Olympic Seattle

Tammy & Joey | March 5, 2011 from Bogle Productions on Vimeo.

Joey and Tammy's Wedding Da

Joey and Tammy were having a great time as they arrived at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel for their Wedding Reception.  They arrived as their guests were enjoying cocktails in the Foyer and enjoying a video presentation by Cory Bogle on a 58″ flat screen suspended on vertical truss.   Opposite the TV was a photo booth by Merilee Kimball that was first class and their was a line just to get into it throughout the cocktail hour.   Tammy and Jillian,one of her matron of honors were huge Disney fans (Disney girls 1 & 2) and so the song Welcome was chosen as the doors to the ballroom were open and guests invited in.   The bridal party along with Joey and Tammy were staged by Katy Leiser and  introduced into the Spanish Ballroom to  Dynamite – Taio Cruz.   Tammy’s father welcomed all the guests and raved about the meal the guests were about to enjoy as the best meal that you will have tonight.    After the fantastic meal that was served with filet’s that guests were cutting with their forks, toast’s were given.   Kim and Adam from La Vie Photography were shooting some great shots throughout the evening.


The cake followed with guests anticipating getting onto the dance floor but when I ask if the couple was ready for the first dance, they both said they didn’t feel so good.    While that was going on, we had their guests dancing for the next 1.5 hours until they mustered great fortitude to do their first dance, a father/daughter and a mother/son dance while Cory, Merilee and Kim stayed past their agreed times to shoot these dances.     Joey and Tammy left right after that to go to their suite as they were feeling even worse.   For their send off, Jillian, her matron of honor sang Beauty and the Beast to them for their last dance as guests were in tears to her beautiful voice.    Guests danced for an hour  in spite of them feeling terrible for the bride and groom of how their evening had turned out.  From their photos you would never know it.    Big thanks to all of the vendors as they really showed their professionalism and maturity throughout the evening.

Our Dear Friends - Scott and Gab and their Kids

P.S. – The next day as 20 of their guests ended up in the hospital, they traced it back to their Friday night rehearsal dinner and an outbreak of the Norovirus ……… and they lived happily ever after….The End!