The Beginning…..of a DJ!

Emcee Entertainment started out in 1980 as Rainbow Gold Sound and Lighting, I was in school at the time and wanted to own another business.    I went to a high school dance that had a dj that played for two hours and charged $ 40 (about the going rate for most dj’s today)  My thought process at the time was to be able to have the largest sound system on campus and have a way to pay  for it. That was the beginning…….! I proceeded to find a store that sold sound gear and The Stereo Shop in Twin Falls, ID was the place to go.    I found a salesman that convinced me to buy high end sound gear (for your home).    I was able to setup a dance at my high school (after a football game) to perform.   During the two hours of dancing, my amplifiers that were being driven hard (my buddies were screaming to turn it up, Mac) and got hot enough to trip their thermals and amplifier stop twice for five minute intervals.  After the dance, I turned to salesman, he came to see the largest system he had ever sold perform, and said “Find me a system that will endure this kind of punishment night end and night out.” We found a pair of Klipsch LaScala speakers, Crown DC300A amplifier (150w/side), GLI PMX9000 Mixer, Denon Turntables, Nakamichi Tape Deck that we thought would handle the punishment.   For Lighting we built borderlights with 16 lights of 4 colors and we went to Hollywood to pickup a Color Organ, to control them. We also had two dual 4 ft blacklight fixtures, two police beacons, strobes and 8 par36 cans for aiming on our 20″ mirrorball all lighting was controlled by a custom built light box with toggle switches.    The wildest contraption was our homemade dry ice fog machine.    We always had to purchase the dry ice on Friday for a Saturday show and over that day would shink to half the procured amount. Upon arriving at Boise State, I met up with Salt and Pepper SuperSound, a couple of guys in their forties doing school dances.   County Councilmember aka Salt, and the assistant to the Dean of Boise State aka, Pepper they help me get planted in the area and I learned how to take my business to the next level.   Pepper has since passed on and they were a big influence at stage in my business.   I did my share of college parties, after hours keggers, weekend backyard parties, high school dances and a few weddings. In 1984, I moved to the Seattle area….. more to come!