What are some Top Wedding Trends for 2011, Here are ten!

OneWed’s Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2011:

1. Sophisticated Elegance Returns

It’s about time this trends enters back into the Wedding Industry.    You can always relax a Wedding celebration into a party from Elegance, but you go the other way.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings

2. Outdoor Venues- Where It’s At

That is always been a trend here in Seattle come June, July, August and September as we have to be outdoors as we have been cabined up (new word due to amount of rain here) for 8 months.   You just have include a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Check out the other 8 at OneWed’s Blog.

What other trends do you think are developing that haven’t been covered?   We would love to hear from you.

Here are The Knots 8 Summer Trends

I would add that lighting has really matured this year and that Weddings require some type of accent lighting to reflect on the No. 1 trend of adding Elegance.


Matt & Ginny Engagement – Universal Style Movie Trailer

Matt’s engagement to Ginny via a movie trailer.

Matt mentions how it was surprise.
My girlfriend Ginny gets taken to the movie theater to see “Fast Five”. After a preview for the Hangover 2, a trailer for a movie comes on. A trailer I made of her father and I where I ask her father for her hand in marriage. After he gives me permission, I race off to the theater she is at to ask her to marry me.

What she doesn’t know is our familiy and friends are in the theater with her watching the whole thing, along with about 100 strangers 😉

What do think of this engagement that involves her father and other movie guests? Do you think it is cheesy, sappy, or romantic? Share your thoughts!

A Wedding in Guemes Island from the Summer of 2002

Looking back through brides and grooms from past years and locating video of their Weddings brings back memories.    I seem to remember events that stand out from others and this one was on a small beautiful island in the San Juans minutes from Anacortes.    Here is the video, courtesy of Kelley Moore Events,  Lifestyle Expert seen on her show Moore to Life.

Scroll to the bottom right hand column for the Halpin/Grove Wedding Video

Halpin/Grove Wedding:
Guemes Island offers breathtaking views, and provided the perfect backdrop for Christie and Jason Grove’s wedding. Having spent a significant part of their relationship together on the Island, it was a natural choice for their wedding. It was also an opportunity for Christie and Jason to share something that was important to them, and to their families, with their guests. With the sun setting on the water, they were married and afterwards guests walked down a candlelit path to the tent where they celebrated until the Garlic French fries and Calamari came out at midnight.

Looking for a Non-CHEESY DJ? Check out some cheese examples

Looking for a Non Cheesy DJ? Here is a great article on this subject by Stephanie Padovani of Hudson Valley DJ’s.    She and her husband Jeff have amassed survey after survey and my clients surveys agree with them that the entertainment can have a 60 -100% impact on their events success.

After 25+ years, I have witnessed DJ trends come and go.     I distinctly remember when the DJ party catalyst craze hit the wedding market.   DJ’s just had to be in the middle of the party showing what they could do to get everyone in the room onto the dance even when those guests might not want to.   They took it upon themselves to embarrass everyone to the dance floor with Village People headgear for the spark plugs in the room to wear while YMCA was played  or handed out blowup guitars and tambourines for them to play while a Beach Boys song was played.    At a Wedding, OMG!    I am all for them doing that for a client hosting a private party but not surprising the bride at her Wedding Reception.   The trend has lessened but there are new bedroom DJ’s hanging their shingle onto a blog type website and picking off brides that fail to ask the correct questions or fail to take the time to meet their DJ.  Cheesy and self absorbed DJ

Take the time to meet your DJ if it all possible and ask them some pointed questions designed to bring out the personality of your DJ.

Stephanie  lists 12 questions to determine how to secure the right entertainment.    Please check it out at Hubpages.   In addition, DJ Ron Michael’s in Colorado had some great bloopers and blunders to check out.      Just remember,  do your due diligence on your entertainment.

Bridesmaid’s Movie – Do these episodes happen in real life Weddings?

Bridesmaid’s Movie – Do these episodes happen in real life Weddings?   They do and they happen all the time.

Yes, I have come across these kind of experiences after performing over 1,000 Weddings. Just last month, one of my brides sadly experienced one of episode lines with food poisoning. It wasn’t funny but I know their family will relate with what happened. She It looks like it will mirror Hangover I and II in relating with what girls go through in planning a Wedding. It should be a good laugh!
Enjoy, Ladies!

Nick and Kaylee Thank You for their July 17 Wedding

Kaylee & Nick

Their Thank You Card

Gary,  Thank you so much for making our special day even more special.   The music as perfect and you did a fabulous job emceeing the event.   We would recommend you to anyone and we will not allow our siblings to use anyone else.  You made our event into something everyone will remember.   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   Kaylee and Nick
Kaylee is a Wedding Coordinator now and I will be working with her on an upcoming Wedding.  They were married on her parents farm in Monroe last July.

Outdoor Wedding in Monroe

Joey and Tammy’s Wedding Reception at the Fairmont Olympic Seattle

Tammy & Joey | March 5, 2011 from Bogle Productions on Vimeo.

Joey and Tammy's Wedding Da

Joey and Tammy were having a great time as they arrived at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel for their Wedding Reception.  They arrived as their guests were enjoying cocktails in the Foyer and enjoying a video presentation by Cory Bogle on a 58″ flat screen suspended on vertical truss.   Opposite the TV was a photo booth by Merilee Kimball that was first class and their was a line just to get into it throughout the cocktail hour.   Tammy and Jillian,one of her matron of honors were huge Disney fans (Disney girls 1 & 2) and so the song Welcome was chosen as the doors to the ballroom were open and guests invited in.   The bridal party along with Joey and Tammy were staged by Katy Leiser and  introduced into the Spanish Ballroom to  Dynamite – Taio Cruz.   Tammy’s father welcomed all the guests and raved about the meal the guests were about to enjoy as the best meal that you will have tonight.    After the fantastic meal that was served with filet’s that guests were cutting with their forks, toast’s were given.   Kim and Adam from La Vie Photography were shooting some great shots throughout the evening.


The cake followed with guests anticipating getting onto the dance floor but when I ask if the couple was ready for the first dance, they both said they didn’t feel so good.    While that was going on, we had their guests dancing for the next 1.5 hours until they mustered great fortitude to do their first dance, a father/daughter and a mother/son dance while Cory, Merilee and Kim stayed past their agreed times to shoot these dances.     Joey and Tammy left right after that to go to their suite as they were feeling even worse.   For their send off, Jillian, her matron of honor sang Beauty and the Beast to them for their last dance as guests were in tears to her beautiful voice.    Guests danced for an hour  in spite of them feeling terrible for the bride and groom of how their evening had turned out.  From their photos you would never know it.    Big thanks to all of the vendors as they really showed their professionalism and maturity throughout the evening.

Our Dear Friends - Scott and Gab and their Kids

P.S. – The next day as 20 of their guests ended up in the hospital, they traced it back to their Friday night rehearsal dinner and an outbreak of the Norovirus ……… and they lived happily ever after….The End!