Enas & Chikako’s 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Sorrento Hotel

Enas and Chikako’s son Robert contact me about performing the entertainment at his parent’s Wedding Anniversary in May.   I enjoy working with Kristin Shea at the Sorrento Hotel and tonight was even more of a delight.    Robert performed great as he introduced friends and family members to share a story about his mother and father.      Enas and Chikako’s friends enjoyed dancing to some 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and some 70’s music as they continued to share in the celebration.

DJ’s are NOT created equal

Let’s face it, not all DJ’s have the same talent.  Craigslist DJ’s either don’t have the experience or the talent that it takes to successfully pull off GREAT RECEPTIONS!    Don’t be fooled that someone can do it for less as somebody will, but do your due diligence when selectiong your entertainment.   Here is an example and you will not know it until it happens at your event.

Drunk DJ

Drunk DJ

How NOT to do a first dance

Dominic & Carmen’s Wedding Reception May 24 at Herban Feast at SODO Park

Dominic and Carmen celebrated their Wedding Day at the Herban Feast at SODO Park.   Her family immigrated from Croatia and they know how to celebrate and dance.   The Reception for 250 guests lasted an 8 full hours with over 4 hours of dancing.   Croatians know how to celebrate and it was one of the best parties, I have ever been part of.   During dinner, one of the guests required medical attention.  The room had several doctors including the bride, an M.D. herself  so the guest had plenty of help,  an ambulance was called and he was transported to the hospital and the party continued on in his absence.

Herban Feast is an old building (1907), with all the charm left by it’s exposed beams, high ceilings, old pipes and rigging, and the orginal paint allowing it to retain the mature, rustic charm of the building that will hold 300+ guests for an event.   Reese Rowe will assist you in putting your event together and Dana Grandpre who was the  event lead was wonderful.090524-cake-wedding-reception-013

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Showcase of the Month – Waterway Cruises

This month’s Showcase of the Month is Waterways Cruises.   We were invited along with our friends to cruise Lake Washington on  The Emerald Star witnessing one of the most beautiful evenings in Seattle.  I want to extend a big Thank You to Corine Cooper, Waterways and Lakeside Event Centers, Director of Sales for the invite.   The Emerald Star is a 105 foot two large salons and two outdoor decks perfect for Weddings and Corporate Events.    The food was fabulous with Salmon for the entree, and a chocolate souffle for dessert.   It was great seeing Tracy Garrow on board that evening as well, she is the Wedding Sales Manager at Waterways.  Mount Rainier on the fantail of the Emerald StarHere is a sample of how nice an evening we shared looking at Mount Rainier from the fantail of the Emerald Star.