17 of 25 guests til the end

I performed for a company celebrating 30 years in commercial real estate business in Seattle area as the disc jockey.   The company has about 20 employees with about 12 attending with their spouses.   The party started off at 5:30 pm with a cocktail hour in a fairly large room, a sit down dinner followed the cocktail hour and then dancing began.   The age demographic was 40 – 65 years of age.  Dancing started at about 8:00 and ended at 11:00 pm.   Seventeen guests out of 25 were still dancing 3 hours later.    I stopped to think why they had danced so long, what had kept their interest through out the evening and why so many stayed the entire time.    The conclusion I came up with was they found music that they could relate to, tempos that kept the evening exciting and someone that read what they wanted as the evening progressed.

This was a fun evening that genuine people sharing with one another freely and because the evening delivered what they were expecting it to.

Gary McCord

Emcee Entertainment