Event feasibility studies

Event marketing services from Emcee Entertainment® help you determine if your event idea is feasible, and ensure a return on investment; in accordance with your marketing objectives and your expectations of profitability.

The amount of effort and resources put into the feasibility study depends on the size of your event. The higher the associated risk for the host of the event, the more complete and detailed the feasibility study should be.

The event feasibility study makes it possible to evaluate the situation, the concept, the competitors, the feasibility and the most important stakeholders that revolve around your event. In addition, we will provide you with advice on whether or not to proceed from a technical and financial standpoint.

factibilidad de eventos

Do you have a project manager to carry out the coordination of your event? If not, at Emcee Entertainment® we will assign you one.

Generally speaking, there are three areas that affect the feasibility of the event that are listed below:

  • Market factors: target segment, demand, supply, competition, etc.
  • Operational factors: site availability, required skills, resources, licenses and permits, etc.
  • Financial factors: expected costs and income, sources of financing, etc.

To consider the feasibility of organizing an event, a series of factors contemplated in any preliminary project must be evaluated:

  • A report with the referential budgets.
  • The preliminary communication plan.
  • The risks for the organizers, participants and spectators.
  • The ability to find the appropriate dates and make reservations
  • Sufficient funds to carry out the event based on your expectations and those of your attendees.
  • The magnitude of the sponsorship and support needs required for your event
  • Whether the proposed site has sufficient capacity and facilities
  • A preliminary risk assessment.

After considering all the key aspects, weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities are analyzed. The results will indicate whether it is reasonable to proceed with the event as planned; if an adjustment of dates is required, or modify the concept of the event.

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branding imagen eventos

Branding and theming of events

Event branding offers you the opportunity to massively amplify your brand awareness, using best practices to deliver an impactful and unforgettable experience to your attendees.

Through the power of distinctive and dynamic image design, companies can harness the immense potential of event theming; but only through an intelligent and cohesive approach will its full effect be experienced.

At Emcee Entertainment® we are aware of the importance and impact of both the brand identity and the communication of events. Our creative teams will ensure that your message and your brand are immersed from the event design phase to post-production.

Do you want to develop an impressive and attractive event? Talk to our experts in event design and theming.

We will transform your ideas into actions, with the help of creative professionals, with training and experience in interior design and event production.

We offer you a personalized design for each of your events.

We will always be integrating the brand in your events; emphasizing your image and creating visual impact to your attendees.

Our design teams are experts in translating your brand values ​​into logos, attractive and powerful images, and communications across all types of media, traditional and digital.

When it comes to the execution of the event, everything must revolve around the essence of the brand. From the pre-planning phase, to post-event activities on site.

Applying branding requires expertise; it must be handled with care because it can affect every critical aspect of your event. The style of your event is a priority for the entire Emcee Entertainment® team.

The secret is to take advantage of all the opportunities to incorporate the brand in the strategic places of the event, without neglecting the budget. The key is in the focus of the image and essence of your brand.

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Communication and public relations of events

Organizations around the world are realizing that their corporate communications and marketing functions need to work closely to communicate with stakeholders.

This interdependence is increasing, and even more so considering the potential impact of digital communications in relation to the reputation of the organization.

At Emcee Entertainment® we recognize this change in the industry and explore the dynamics of modern corporate communications and its relationship with marketing and public relations.

We focus on stakeholder management, global marketing, brand management, reputation management, traditional media relations, and social media.

comunicacion y relaciones publicas eventos

Is your marketing staff overworked? Delegate communications and public relations for your events to Emcee Entertainment®.

You will benefit from our strategic allies, as high-level professionals working in the corporate events sector; the ones who will commit to your event at such a level that everyone will know about it.

Customer experience, online communities, and social media have created the need to run a high-impact event; and this requires professionals with a set of skills that at Emcee Entertainment® we put at your disposal.

At Emcee Entertainment® we develop public relations strategies that guide us through start-up and subsequent growth. Our teams work hand in hand to achieve the objectives defined in the communications plan of your event.

At Emcee Entertainment® we coordinate your media events, conferences and press releases; always according to your profile and target audience. We create and execute high-impact plans to foster links and circles of influence that benefit you, our clients.

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marketing de eventos

Promotional event marketing

Event marketing should be an integral part of the marketing mix, supporting the generation of demand for your products or services; or to the dissemination of its mission in the case of a non-profit organization.

Event promotion Involves a strategic combination of offline and online that are essential to achieve return on profitability as established in the event planning phase.

Today's environments are highly competitive, and at Emcee Entertainment® we are aware of this. For this reason we offer you our training and experience in marketing; necessary to effectively promote your event in your target segments.

Do you want to promote your event to attract sponsors and attendees? Talk to our event marketers.

We start from your goal of creating impact with your event. Most companies want events to make a mark with their brand.

Events have the power to create a powerful and lasting impression of all that your business has to offer. By allowing people to experience and interact with your company, product or service throughout the phases of your event, you will be connecting with your target audience.

Not all of our events are created equal. You must bear in mind that your event for us is an extension of your brand; and hence the importance of executing a correct promotional marketing.

For Emcee Entertainment® this means thinking about the promise of event experience that you as a client want to project. We design clear and concrete concepts about what you want to achieve; Starting from the generation of ideas together with you, we managed to create marketing automation to streamline the process for your event.

Based on our long experience planning events, marketing typically makes up about 20% of the event budget, which is a considerable percentage. At Emcee Entertainment® we are aware of this, and we are dedicated to optimizing your financial resources for promotion.

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Event satisfaction surveys

You are well aware of the great effort, time and resources that are invested in a corporate event to achieve its success; and you want to ensure that everyone at your event has a valuable experience.

With online satisfaction surveys we can help take some of the guesswork out of planning your event. Online satisfaction surveys are personalized with the platform of our partner QuestionPro, easy to use and even fast for us to send to your guests.

So you can get an insight into your event organization by asking what your guests think (before, during and after the meeting) and organizing the best possible events.

Do you want to measure the satisfaction of the attendees in relation to your event? Talk to our customer satisfaction survey specialists.

When planning your event we will always keep your clients in mind and the best way to ensure their enjoyment is to ask them about their preferences. By distributing online surveys to potential attendees, we can ask them to tell us which place they would prefer, if they have a diet, date preference, type of music; or if they would prefer a formal or informal dress code.

One of the most powerful tools for an event planner is using opinion polls. They are the best way to gather suggestions and understand exactly what the event attendees were thinking.

It can include logistical questions about the availability of parking, bathroom and if the place was easy to find; questions about the quality of audiovisual production; and if the event met expectations and if they would attend again. You can even send a quick survey to attendees' mobiles during the event; to check that everyone can see the presentations, or if they need more drinks.

Online surveys are also a very useful organizing and scheduling tool, especially when trying to coordinate a large group of people with busy schedules.

soluciones tecnologicas eventos

Technological solutions for events

Every year technological advances continue to change for the better and make our day to day more bearable. We have reached a point where virtually all industries can benefit from these improvements.

For corporate event organizers, there are now countless technology solutions to aid in the planning process, as well as numerous tools to enhance the overall experience for participants.

Not only can technology help make drastic improvements to corporate events, it can also make planning easier; allowing organizers to focus on more specific details for their event.

Do you want your brand to stand out for its innovation and technology? Talk to us and we will evaluate the impact of the use of technological solutions in your event.

Online registration

The Internet is another technological tool that can be useful in planning corporate events and conferences. One of our main goals as corporate event planners is to maximize participation. When attendees are not required to register or have to RSVP over the phone, the process can be very confusing.

Technology has made this process much easier with the use of online registration. With this option, employees can now register online at any time, and will instantly receive confirmation of their purchase / registration.

We planners also use this system throughout the planning process so that the client knows about everything that is happening with the event schedule and other details.

Social media

For now we can assume that almost everyone uses some type of social media. For corporate event organizers, this means it can be a great way to connect with event attendees.

Encourage participants to “check in” at your event using applications like Foursquare or Facebook on their smartphones. This is a fun way to engage your audience while incorporating modern technology into your corporate event.

Applications or software for events

At Emcee Entertainment® we have our own planning program, which we use to organize your corporate event, getting the entire team online and avoiding mistakes.

As experienced corporate event planners, we are well aware that putting together an event or conference is much more complicated than simply choosing a venue and creating a guest list. Not only do we have to keep your budget for you, our clients, but we also have to think about entertainment, catering, communication and attendee satisfaction, to name a few items on the list.

Using software to keep everything on track can be really beneficial. Not only can it help you keep track of expenses, but it's also a great tool to help you keep track of time and getting things done.

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