Comprehensive event management

Emcee Entertainment® provides event management services; Based on your ideas and business objectives, we can support you from the feasibility assessment and budget preparation phases, through the planning, execution, production and post-production phases.

We assign a responsible manager for your particular event, who acts as a single point of contact throughout its phases, from planning to post-production. Our event managers are team-ready, passionate and talented experts who deliver exceptional results.

The Emcee Entertainment® staff is trained considering the best practices in event management, which constitute the heart of our work methodology. Our event managers get involved and take control of all phases of your event.

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Our philosophy of event management is geared toward understanding your business needs and goals.

Emcee Entertainment® can function as an extension of your existing team or take over the entire event; always through the event manager as a simple point of contact for consistent and constant communication.

The event manager supervises and controls the execution of all phases of your event project; from inception to post-production.

The realization of any type of corporate event involves the achievement of marketing, commercial and business objectives in general. Our mission is to understand these motivations, objectives and expectations about your events.

This way, your goals can be considered throughout your event; with the aim of reaching and exceeding your expectations and those of the participants.

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Budget control of events

When you decide to organize an event, you are trying to get a return on your investment. Said return is not easy to calculate in many cases, especially when it comes to intangible benefits; such as improving the work environment, or an improvement in the perception of their brands.

How do you keep your clients and / or employees happy with your events, without breaking your budget? Your goal as a client is to hold an event that meets all the wishes of those concerned; but you also need to control your expenses. That your business objectives are met, with an adequate return on investment.

The management of the budget by Emcee Entertainment® involves the event manager as the budget controller, in coordination with the client.

There is no doubt that your event requires a good start, development and conclusion. Depending on the quality of execution of the first two phases, the conclusion or result you want will be obtained, with an appropriate cost-benefit ratio for your business.

To calculate costs and manage the event budget in a complete, exact and realistic way, it is essential to assess each and every one of the aspects involved.

The budget is a primary tool for initial planning and execution and post-execution reviews of your event. Emcee Entertainment® can manage control of time, resources and costs for you; or you can accompany you in this process through our event managers.

The event budget management includes the monitoring of the collection management of the registration fees or tickets, the management of the participations or collaborations of public and private organizations, the processing of payments to third parties, the issuance of invoices, and periodic information to the client on the budget execution status.

A well-managed event budget will allow you to measure the financial efficiency of your project, detecting deviations in time and allowing you to take the appropriate corrective measures. It will also help you analyze past events, and determine what can be improved in the future.

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Coordination of event venues, accommodation and activities

The options of the venue or place to hold your event can be several. However, each event has different needs and budget. The chosen venue is one of the vital factors in the success or failure of an event.

The selection of the space is closely related to your expectations as a client: what you want to convey and who you are targeting. In addition, the design and style of the place must be appropriate to your corporate image, so your communication objectives in a suitable environment.

Likewise, the selection of the place will be closely related to the possibilities of accommodation and the availability of services, both for attendees and for the event production staff.

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Emcee Entertainment® accompanies you in the selection process of the best venue and accommodation options for your events; always in accordance with your objectives and the profile of your assistants.

Some of the characteristics that must be taken into account when looking for and selecting a space are the infrastructure, the characteristics of the construction, the style and aesthetics of the site; as well as the accessibility and capacity of the site.

For corporate events, the use of unusual and innovative venues has become very popular for a differentiating attendee experience. The use of unconventional headquarters can be very useful in generating interest and promoting your brand; in addition to the possibility of increasing attendance at the event.

Additional activities, both indoors and outdoors, are an excellent complement to your event, depending on what your goals are.

The possibility of carrying out complementary activities for your assistants is also directly related to the chosen site.

Location is critical to ensuring that attendees are willing to travel to your event, and it also has a direct influence on the level of empathy achieved with attendees and the media impact that can be achieved from the attendee's experience.

A good choice regarding the venue of the event can become a good memory that favors word of mouth marketing, especially on social networks; achieving a greater diffusion of the image of your company.

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Event production and logistics management

The logistics of your event is the link between the event production, its attendees and third-party providers of goods and services. The success of your event depends, to a great extent, on a good logistics execution.

Emcee Entertainment® places the goods and services required, at the right time, in the right place, and in the desired conditions for your event; cost-effective. Our event managers assume operational responsibilities regarding the actions to be executed in each and every phase of your event.

The production management of your event considers all aspects of stage design, supply, management and operation of all technical elements: including audiovisual, lighting and staging.

Once the venue for an event has been selected, and the locations of the accommodation and the places where its complementary activities will be carried out, it is extremely important to properly coordinate the transport and temporary storage of goods; as well as the means of transportation, according to the origin of the attendees and the event staff.

Your assigned Emcee Entertainment® manager will coordinate all pre-production tasks with everyone involved; as well as the transfers of the personnel assigned to the site that will be working during the event.

In the post-production phase, our event managers coordinate the disassembly of the event, and the removal of materials and elements already used from all third parties involved. We carry out a final review to ensure the delivery of the headquarters and other locations in the same state in which they were received.

In the logistics management of transfers, Emcee Entertainment® incorporates technology for timely communication between event managers and attendees and guests; always in relation to the needs and characteristics of each particular event. We use systems for the registration and control of those attending your event.

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Catering and decoration coordination

Emcee Entertainment® takes care of all the details that revolve around the success of the catering service for the attendees and the logistics and production staff of the event.

A success factor for your corporate event is undoubtedly meal planning: knowing the number of people to serve, defining menus and foods that may or may not be served, coordinating meal preparation and serving, and cleaning assistance tasks.

Catering and decoration are key factors and an essential part of any corporate event.

At Emcee Entertainment® we pay attention to details. We take the time to perfect and present your food and beverage options in a way that your event attendees will love. We work hand in hand with the best catering company in order to alleviate your concern about a delicate issue, such as food.

We have the ability, experience and patience to make your vision a reality. We can adapt to any setting to ensure that food and beverages fit the scene and are presented and decorated appropriately.

The decoration of your event should represent the message you want to convey to the attendees. The decorative elements must be in accordance with the objective to be achieved.

The decoration includes furniture, stages, organization and arrangement of the different elements, as well as the placement of the assistants. This work allows a high level of creativity and innovation in forms, designs and materials; where the trend is based on the incorporation of technological elements that help generate emotions among attendees.

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Event risk management

A risk management plan is an essential aspect of planning your event; and must be reviewed at each stage of the event production. As part of any successful event planning process, risks must be identified and risks evaluated and controlled to minimize the potential for injury or damage to people and property.

The risk management plan identifies all the potential risks that may arise from holding an event; and then lists the measures that your company and Emcee Entertainment® will take to reduce or mitigate the identified risks.

The Emcee Entertainment® methodology allows you to objectively and consistently identify the specific risk threats of your event.

The risk assessment of the event is the heart of the plan for its management. An event is full of uncertainties; such as power failure, equipment failure, medical emergencies, confrontations, fires. Likewise, the potential withdrawal of sponsors and last minute cancellations by production staff, etc.

Also, there are risks associated with: human resources, finance, marketing, quality management, assistants, food and beverage management, programs, technical management, infrastructure, logistics, procurement, and equipment management. To deal with all these contingencies a well-documented risk management plan is required.

Emcee Entertainment® considers the following aspects to carry out the risk assessment of your event:

  • The operational risks in the selected places.
  • The risks generated by the event's own production.
  • External and natural risks that are beyond our control.

We analyze the mitigation and control alternatives, and plan your event with minimal uncertainty.

Each event has particular characteristics, with different risk threats according to its context; hence the importance of having professionals to comprehensively manage the risks of your event.

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