Communication is a necessary tool in any relationship between humans. It is not only essential for personal communications, but also for the professional context.

From people to people, from company to person, from people to companies. Communication, in all areas, is becoming more and more important.

Communication facilities serve as a guide in the strategic processes of any organization.

They, in turn, benefit the integrating function and constitute a powerful weapon for disseminating information in all areas.

Taking care of the processes and tools of external and internal communication used, both before, during, and after the event plays a very important role in events.

Communication prior to the event

No event could take place without a prior communication strategy.

In addition to being a fundamental element to publicize the event, it is also necessary to control its internal organization.

# Dissemination of the event

Communication actions to publicize the events can be carried out through different means.

Some of the most used online are the following:

  • Social media. Social networks are currently one of the most effective methods to spread any news. Through the creation of an event, dissemination through influencers, the issuance of raffles, hashtags that last throughout the event, etc. In addition, there is no social network that is not effective for this, everything will depend on the sector in which the event moves. For example , if it is a technological event for companies, LinkedIn is a good option, but if it is a concert, you should opt for the networks in which that target moves, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Online advertising. Google Adwords or banners on web pages. Both options are a good option to publicize the event. The first appears in Google searches in terms related to the event. Sometimes, without realizing it, we click on one of those ads and we have already caught that advertising.

On the other hand, banners appear more intrusive. Although placed in the perfect place and through a good creative image that draws attention, we will have already captured the user to click and access the event website. Or, at least, we will have announced the event.

Currently, offline event broadcasting methods are often deprecated.

However, some of the effective techniques still used are:

  • Street marketing. Any marketing action that is carried out on the street, in a way that draws the user's attention. These types of actions are intended to involve scouts to participate and can be of different types, depending on what the event is about: marketing road trips, dances, contests, street art ...

Registrations or ticket sales

Once the event is being publicized, it is important to be prepared for registration or ticket sales.

Easy access to the Internet allows these operations to be carried out from any web page dedicated to it.

Communication at events: the basis of a good organization

However, the human support behind online ticket purchases or registrations must be real.

It is important to offer the interested party a telephone number through which to call to resolve any questions or incidents.

Therefore, the company must have this communication tool, be it a virtual switchboard or a call center software , to facilitate and improve customer service.

Communication during the event

Both the communication of the event itself, as well as the internal communication must be effective to organize the perfect event:

  • Communicate through social networks. Communication through social networks never ends. There must be a person in charge of continuously publishing everything that happens at the event, publishing photos, videos, streaming , etc. All this without forgetting to write the hashtag of the event.
  • The visual identity of the event on site. The organization of all objects, stands, colors, posters, typography, speaker , music, etc. Everything communicates and everything is important to take care of. An effective communication in the place of the event, which calls the user or makes him feel august, will generate more interest on the part of the participants, it will cause that, if the event is held again, they will repeat. In the same way, it will translate into a better image after the event.
  • The internal communication of the organization. Good management and optimization of internal communication will allow any incident, change, news or notice to be given among employees to be carried out quickly and effectively. There are, for this, communication tools, such as smart virtual switchboards that, in addition to receiving and making calls abroad, allow managing internal communication through calls or internal chat completely free of charge.

Communication after the event

Although the set of strategies depends on the magnitude of the event, it is recommended not to abandon communication after the event.

During the week following the event, videos of the event are usually offered to participants, either privately or through social media broadcast.

Also, photographs of it are usually published.

Through the event website, reviews , summaries or news of the event can be disseminated.

But it is also possible to provide the media with news or prominent data along with images, for possible dissemination in media that allow reaching a larger audience.

Another method is the consequence of communication through social networks or the dissemination of mailing to the participants, thanking them and sharing with them all the news of the event.

But who is behind all the communication management?

The management of all these processes is not done alone.

Behind every major communication project there is a human and technological team capable of carrying out all activities efficiently.

On the one hand, the marketing team is in charge of planning and executing all the marketing strategies for the event as a whole.

The event organization department will be in charge of organizing the staff, hostesses, hiring catering, bar, planning schedules, spaces, etc.

And the technological team will be in charge of hiring and taking care of the computer and telecommunications system.

It is important not to neglect any detail, therefore, in short, organizing an event is a set of everything: people, organization and communication.

Effective and well-planned teamwork will allow you to hold the best event of the year.

Communication at events: the basis of a good organization

About the Author:

Ana López, director of the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Fonvirtual company. Specialized in digital marketing and electronic commerce. I often participate in other blogs and carry out consulting activities for large groups. You can follow me on LinkedIn .