Themed event management are very popular for people of all ages. When someone invites you to a party, you always ask "What's the topic?"

Choosing a party theme may seem like nothing important to you, but I think it's the most important thing if you want to make a mark. Once you choose a party theme, the rest of the decision-making process becomes much simpler.

Every holiday has a theme, either "just for the sake of it" or to celebrate a specific holiday.

If you choose to have a “just because” party , you may need to be more specific when choosing your party's feel, colors, or menu.

Nobody has simple events anymore where guests are expected to dress up, eat appetizers and dance to boring music.

Event planners caught the trend and now we plan corporate and non-profit themed parties.

Holiday themes bring with them a wealth of details that can make or break your event.

Our list of tips and advice will guide you on how to avoid common mistakes, and will ensure your event remains a resounding success.

How to organize a successful themed event
Theme: Halloween

Select your topic carefully!

Theme parties require a bit of effort on the part of attendees, so don't complicate things by selecting a theme that is too specific.

For example , choosing 'America 1929' may be too difficult as it has very small margins. However, a Gatsby party offers attendees more choice of outfits.

Very specific party themes are also more difficult to plan and execute as an organizer. Keeping a narrow theme can be very expensive due to a shortage of decorations, etc.

Notify attendees

As I mentioned earlier, theme party nights require more effort on the part of the attendee than the average event. Therefore, you must alert potential attendees .

A last-minute themed party can seem like a momentous undertaking, leading many potential party-goers to forget.

This rule applies even more to holidays like Halloween , where you are likely to face additional competition.

Choose a suitable place

Some venues can be averse to theme parties, so make sure the one you're watching is comfortable with your event.

Why not tie the place to the theme? For example , a Moulin Rouge or Gatsby theme would work well in an old-fashioned cabaret bar.

A Mexican night could be even more special in a Latin bar.

Make sure the venue has enough capacity to meet your needs. Also, if you plan to use decorations, always check with management first.

How to organize a successful themed event
Topic: College Times

Decoration is key!

A themed party is all about amazing decorations! So don't be tempted to skimp.

You are trying to create an atmosphere and this requires attention to detail, especially if you are working with a blank canvas.

Make some sketches of how you want the room or room to look. At this point you need to have a spot, so be sure to take into account the dimensions of your chosen space.

If you need inspiration, why not take a look at some similar pins on Pinterest?

Then research your decorations to get the best price available. Remember, your guest's first impression of your event will be determined by the decor.

Plan a food / drink menu

The food and drink you serve should also adhere to your theme.

If you've hired a caterer to take care of your food, why not offer a themed cocktail? A rum punch would work well at a beach party or some tasty tequila sunrise at a Mexican party.

How to organize a successful themed event
Theme: Celebrity

Some sample themes

Casino night

The increasing popularity of poker has made Casino Night one of the most popular topics, if not the most popular.

For all kinds of events. Charities use them as fundraisers. Participants buy tokens that can be 'redeemed' for prizes.

Mardi Gras

These parties can be celebrated at any time of the year, not just during Mardi Gras hours. What makes these parties so popular are the decorations - colorful beads and costumes create a festive atmosphere.

Choose a decade

Just a few years ago, the 50s were the most popular holiday.

Who could order the poodle skirts, leather jackets and "Rocking Around the Clock"?

But as the population has aged, the 50s have been overtaken by the 70s and 80s.

Disco balls and bell bottoms are fun accessories.

And the 80's brought colorful shorts and big hair, for both men and women!


Pop superstar Michael Jackson can take much of the credit for putting a touch of horror back into the style. More than 25 years after the release of "Thriller", many parties and events are based on that popular music video.

Beyond the thrill, the popularity of horror movies gives partygoers a chance to be creepy. But costume parties don't have to be scary.

Princesses, knights, cowboys and all kinds of strange animals have arrived at the Halloween parties.

How to organize a successful themed event
Theme: Christmas

How to choose a party theme

There is no better way to make your event stand out from the crowd and attract guests to participate than to choose to have a dedicated theme for the evening.

Whether you're planning an after-party Carnival, a birthday celebration, or a corporate end-of-the-year event, sticking to a theme is a great way to create a cohesive experience from invitation to dessert.

Creating themed events is what the Emcee Entertainment team does best, so we thought we'd put together our top tips for hosting a themed event this holiday season. Feel free to apply these tips and have some fun!

Step 1: Choose a basic concept

Look at the calendar

A calendar can give you great ideas for party themes. Each month has its own set of holidays, each with its own reason for celebration. For example:

  • New Year Eve
  • Chinese New Year
  • Groundhog day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Saint Patrick's day
  • Earth day
  • Easter
  • Fourth of July
  • Rosh Hashana
  • Yom Kippur
  • Diwali
  • Hallowe'en
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

And if major holidays are not your preference, you can find plenty of smaller “fun” holidays to celebrate, such as: Pi Day (March 14), Geek Pride Day (May 25), International Talk Like Day a pirate (September 19), or National Magdalena Day (December 15).

Think about the things you love

This is probably my favorite way to choose a party theme.

Things I love include: chai, bubble tea, rom-coms, greeting cards, Disney, singing, photography, and buffalo sauce.

I assure you that each of these things can easily be turned into a party theme (or at least a menu item).

For example:

  • Chai: I organized the "find the best chai" party once.
  • Bubble Tea: I once hosted a bubble-themed baby shower and served bubble tea.
  • Romantic Comedies: Definitely at least one movie night should make it part of an event.
  • Greeting Cards: I have hosted parties at my house where people made Valentine's Day cards or Christmas cards for the people they love.
  • Disney: I hosted a Disney movie marathon party for my 38th birthday, where we saw Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and Aladdin back to back.
  • Singing: I have hosted many Christmas carol parties over the holidays, and I am still looking for enough people to host a Rock-n-Roll party.
  • Photography: I have organized events where I offered photo booths with signs, costumes and shots of confetti.
  • BBQ Sauce: I once had a beer tasting where I made baby back ribs and grilled chicken with BBQ sauce with bibs so they could eat with their hands.

If there is something you love, you should feel absolutely safe turning it into a party, because there are definitely other people who love it too.

Other things that have been on my radar for a while include: Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Leprechauns and Fairies, The Wild West, and Vaseline.

Consider being more abstract.

There is nothing to say that the theme of the party should be a physical and tangible thing. The theme of your party could be love. Or the color silver. Or your favorite song. Or photosynthesis. You can really choose anything as your basic idea.

Step 2: brainstorm all the possible ideas for a party

You might think brainstorming is first, but really brainstorming is second.

Once you choose an idea, I recommend that you make a list of all the possible things you can think of on that topic.

Google or Pinterest should be able to help you, there you will find ideas without any problem.

Here are four (4) examples that I place below:

  • The Color Purple: Grapes, Grape Jelly, Barney, That Alice Walker Book, Purple, Eggplant, That Great McDonalds Character - Grimace, Purple Rain, paint or draw only with purple, eat only purple food, wear only purple clothing
  • Recycling: eco-friendly, planting, reusing materials, making recycled materials, volunteering, farmers markets, gardening, clothing exchange, book trading.
  • Sock hop - 1950s music, record player, Buddy Holly, motown, poodle skirts, making poodle skirts, prom king and queen, Grease, pink ladies, records, diners, red and white plaid stuff , malt shakes, trivia games, dancing, hula hoop contest, limbo a la bamba, make root beer floats, burgers and fries
  • Harry Potter - Dress up like a character, turn your house into a Hogwartz, Harry Potter trivia, watch a Harry Potter movie, act like your favorite Harry Potter character, play Quidditch, turn Harry Potter into a drinking game, argue about a book

Once you have a larger list of ideas related to the basic concept, you can choose just one specific topic that you want to spend your time, energy, and money on.

Step 3: Check the reality

Unfortunately not all of them can be fun and games, we need to start factoring reality.

You don't need to have a complete idea of ​​what you are going to do for the party yet, but you want to make sure you think about how much time, energy and money you are going to spend.

And remember, don't be discouraged, you can always find a way to make an idea less complicated early in the game or add a little extra fun to a simple idea for a finishing touch.

For example:

Idea Start small Add some Pizza
Host an Epcot World Beverage Party with stations for each country. Host a tasting of some of your favorite beers. Choose a few beers from different countries.
Host a dance-themed birthday party outside. Invite your friends to hang out in dresses and dance to music. Only play songs from the 80's.
Throw a murder mystery party. Play a game of Clue. Make it a drinking game.
Organize a three-course meal. Host a meal and have everyone prepare one of the dishes. Drink champagne
Organize a wine tasting. A couple of wines with two different cheeses. Play jazz music in the background to set the mood.

As mentioned above, there are three things to consider: time, energy, and money.

Here's a more detailed look at the things to keep in mind when thinking about your party theme:


How long do you have to plan the party? If it's only a few days, you'll probably want to stick with something simple. If you have a few weeks and some friends help you, you can choose something a little more complicated.


While this is a similar discussion to "time," it is slightly different because energy puts your mental brain's capacity at stake.

If you're someone who's already over-committed, or just someone with very little patience in general, you'll probably want to choose a relatively simple concept.


This is the biggest. Your biggest costs will be venue, food, and drinks.

So if you can keep those costs low in your brainstorming, you're well on your way to planning a budget-friendly party.

How to organize a successful themed event
Theme: Hollywood


In short, a themed party can be a powerful event, but if done right, it will be worth it.

The key is to put in the effort and really create the right atmosphere for the topic, of course!

If you want your attendees to participate, you must surprise them. No one should be lost on what the topic is about.

Every aspect of your event should aim for a clear idea. Always be sure to alert your attendees to dress accordingly and be in top shape.

Party themes add fun to a corporate event. Don't be afraid to add one to your next event.

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